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Stop the Stigma!
Unmask Your Support for Opioid Recovery.

Thank you to our community for showing up in numbers to the Doylestown Rotary Young Professionals Inaugural Masquerade Ball to Unmask Your Support of Opioid Addiction and Recovery! Here are some highlights from the evening.

More updates to come!

Photo credit: Kimberly Rowen

Doylestown Rotary Young Professionals Opioid Service Project

A Sustainable Service Project

Need: Opioids are highly addictive, and their abuse has led to an exponential growth of opioid-related deaths. Pennsylvania currently has the 3rd highest number of opioid-related deaths of all 50 states. Bucks County alone had 250 deaths last year related to opioids. Doylestown Hospital is now treating 365 patients per year for opioid abuse, and Saint Marys, our neighboring hospital, treats 750 patients per year.


Mission: As a Rotary service project, our mission is to assist our Bucks County neighbors by lessening the abuse and dependence on opioids.


Objectives: Based on meetings and surveys with industry professionals, four critical areas of this epidemic were identified:


Challenge: 50% of patients being treated for opioid abuse in Bucks Co. leave hospitals without seeking any treatment.


Our Goal: Save & Encourage
Individuals abusing opioids must seek treatment to free themselves from the hold of their addiction.


Challenge: Treatment options can be inaccessible for some in Bucks Co. since public transportation may not be an option, and individual transport may be too costly.


Our Goal: Improve & Expand
In order to maintain their health, individuals in recovery need to be able to access necessary treatment.


Challenge: Most overdoses in Bucks Co. are by individuals in their 30’s. Follow-on generations will continue to be the highest risk group for opioid abuse. Family education is also essential.


Our Goal: Inform & Prepare
Preparing all generations for the challenges ahead empowers them to make the best choices for their future.


Challenge: There are various paths to overcoming addiction. Individuals should seek out the best approach to fulfill their personal needs.


Our Goal: Motivate & Support
Community support can assist individuals on their road to recovery and alleviate some of the burden they’ll face during their journey.

Planned Initiatives (Year 1): We’ll meet these objectives by funding the following initiatives:

  • Scholarships for ‘Certified Recovery Specialists’ (Crisis Response)

  • Ride support to treatment/outpatient-care facilities (Transportation)

  • Educational classes on opioid abuse for youths and families (Education)

  • Increase offerings for recovery-based Yoga/mindfulness classes (Mode of Recovery)


Expectation: These efforts are designed to:

  • Increase awareness of the risks associated with opioid abuse

  • Identify ways forward for addiction prevention, response and recovery in our community

  • Create opportunities for individuals recovering from addiction.

By enhancing our community’s response for those in need, we can both meet this mission and build a stronger, healthier society.

To make a donation to this ongoing project, please use the Paypal link below.

This is what your support helps pay for:
Cost of a CRS certification …….…..……..……...……$1,000
Cost of a CRS recertification ……………….…...…..…..$200
Cost of average round trip Uber/Lyft …….…...….………$25
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